Allen P. Welman

Aaron Samaru was recommended through a friend. He was involved in at least two major projects. The first required a complete renovation of an apartment. The work was done within the time range I required. He worked co-operatively with my wife and myself and was open to suggestions. He also used good workmen. The unit was done about seven years ago and still has a good feel about it and we never had any problems.

The next time i spoke to Aaron was when I noticed a leak in the basement. I had had a number of people look at it and did not realize Aaaron was capable of repairing the basement. Unlike past workmen who claimed to be experts no one could analyze problems Aaron looked at the problem and recommended a couple of steps to determine the problem. Once he discovered the problem he was able to tackle a solution. He worked quickly competently and I was very inpressesed at how he dealt with the problem and solution. I never had another problem.

I am a lawyer and can say that any work or contract is viewed with suspicion I have no problem highly recommending Aaron for any work required. 

Allen P. Welman
B.A. LLB Barrister & Solicitor
1034a Bloor St. West Suite 1 Toronto,Ontario M6H 1M3